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3 Tips to Get Out of A Fitness Plateau

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

It happens.

Everything is going great. Fat is falling off, muscles are popping up and then--POOF.


This isn’t a bad thing.

Nor is it impossible to smack that plateau out of the way and start getting results again.

Here are 3 tips to get out of a fitness plateau from yours truly!

1. Progressive Overload

If you aren’t challenging your body, then it doesn’t have to work to adapt to the load you’re putting on it.


  • Adding a set.

  • Lifting heavier.

  • More repetitions.

  • Time under tension.

  • Adding an extra day of weight training/cardio.

I make customized programs for YOU, ranging from 6-12 weeks. You can find them under the Services tab. These programs are designed specifically to further progressions and overload to keep results coming! There's nothing more frustrating than spending all your hard work and time working out and not getting the results you're striving for. Don't waste your time! I also have a FREE 30-minute consultation to go over your specific goals! You can find the FREE consultation here.

2. Alter Your Macros to Fit Your CURRENT Needs

Goals change over time. If your goal was to lose fat, and now you want to gain muscle, then what you eat needs to change to cater to those goals. Losing mass or gaining mass calls for an adjustment in macros/calorie intake.

If you aren’t challenging your body, then it doesn’t have to work to adapt to the load you’re putting on it.

I always recommend using (stands for If It Fits Your Macros).

When aiming for muscle gains, you want to increase your protein intake to assist in protein synthesis. You also don’t want to be in a deficit (or you’ll be cutting).

When aiming for fat loss, you will most likely be in a caloric deficit. Now, carbohydrates aren’t bad--they’re actually essential for you. As the first form of energy taken from the body, carbohydrates are necessary to keep energy levels up. Normally on a caloric deficit, if you’re looking for quantity, most individuals will increase vegetables in their diet since they’re low calorie.

Remember, calorie = energy consumed.

While in a caloric deficit, you want to be not only eating a designated amount of calories but also outputting calories (i.e. exercise). Vegetables are what’s called a simple carb, so they digest much faster than complex carbs (potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, etc.). Complex carbs make you feel fuller longer.

Intaking a good mix of all types (vegetables, fruits, protein, carbs, fats) is a great way to maintain a balanced diet and a sustainable lifestyle.

3. Change up Your Routine

Much like the progressive overload tip, changing up your routine is another great way to keep the body adapting. This can be taken in the form of progressive overload OR something as simple as doing an extra cardio/strength-based session for a week.

Remember, calorie = energy consumed.

Changing up your routine can also be an essential tool to keep things interesting for you. Doing the same thing over and over again for a long period of time can be extenuating and boring.

Here are ways you can switch things up:

  • Going on a walk on rest days for active recovery. This is a proven tool to help muscle recovery and increase muscle formation.

  • Hiking

  • Bike ride

  • Playing a sport. I play volleyball--beach, grass, or indoor. It’s an activity that doesn’t feel like one since I am passionate about it and truly enjoy my time playing.

  • Swimming. Another great form of active recovery and proven to assist recovery with muscle soreness.

  • An extra cardio/strength session. Normally for a single week, sometimes two.

I hope these tips were helpful for you!

Being in the fitness world can tough, especially if you’ve been practicing using misinformed guidelines by Instagram models and the like on the internet (who make you think they're helping you get healthier, but really they're getting you to spend more money on things like Detox teas that aren’t going to do CRAP!)

(rant over…...for now)

Doing the same thing over and over again for a long period of time can be extenuating and boring.

As someone who has fallen into that specific trap over and over again (and not limited to the fitness world), I want to do my best to prevent others from wasting their time and their money.

Much love,


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